Dallas defense attorney Jeff King has been featured on numerous national news programs for his expert legal opinions.

Jeff King discusses the events of the first day of Nadal Hasan’s trial.

Jeff King- Accused Soldier Faces Death Penalty- CNN

Jeff comments on the case of an accused soldier facing 17 counts of murder.

Jeff King- Bradley Manning Verdict- Fox News

Jeff King gives his opinion about the Bradley Manning verdict on Fox News Now.

Jeff King- Bradley Manning Found Not Guilty- CNN

Jeff King discusses the Bradley Manning trial outcome.

Judge Considers granting Nidal Hasan a Neurologist – Fox News

Jeff talks about a judge considering granting Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan a Neurologist.

“Competent and Compassionate”

I found Jeff to be a competent and compassionate advocate. As a client, he was the “voice” that I needed him to be to achieve a good result. He allowed me to communicate my needs to him and then diligently went to work to attain them. I would recommend him without hesitation.

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