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Property crimes encompass a broad array of offenses, including theft of another person’s physical property or money to vandalism and arson. In an effort to deter such actions, prosecutors are often extremely aggressive in the way they treat those accused of crimes against property. Unfortunately, this often results in false accusations, infringements on the basic freedoms of those accused of such crimes, and harsh punishments for those convicted.


If you are being investigated in connection with a property crime in Texas, or if you have been arrested, Jeff King can ensure your legal rights are protected. When facing such life-changing charges, you want a criminal defense lawyer who has dedicated his career to providing aggressive advocacy, and who will make every effort to have charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Types of Property Crimes

A typical property crime definition, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, is characterized by the taking of property without the use of physical force or threats. In reality, many of today’s crimes against property entail some use of violence, stealth or fraudulence. The most general definition of property crime is the illegal activity involving the theft or destruction of property, including money, automobiles, jewelry, household valuables, or other assets, regardless if violence or threats are employed.


A 2014 Texas crime analysis shows a steady decline in property crimes across the state. Larceny-theft, burglary and motor vehicle theft accounted for the majority of all property crime offenses, of which more than 804,555 were reported to law enforcement.


Attorney Jeffery King is well-versed in the complexities and nuances of Texas property statutes and will fight allegations with a well-crafted defense. Jeff King defends clients facing property crime charges such as:


Not all property crime lawyers are created equal. Attorney Jeff King knows how to protect clients against wrongful convictions, and understands the techniques and strategies commonly used by prosecutors to get a conviction. The earlier you retain a knowledgeable lawyer like Jeff King, the greater your chances are of securing a favorable result.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for Theft Charges

Jeffery King practices in state and federal courts throughout Texas and his Law Office has the resources and expertise to defend a wide range of violent and non-violent property crimes.


The penalties for a property crime conviction will hinge on numerous factors, such as use of violence, previous arrests and convictions, and the value of the property destroyed or stolen.


Theft convictions may lead to misdemeanor or felony charges, which can take a serious toll on your career, professional licensing, and future employment opportunities. In Texas, it is often the dollar value of the stolen or damaged property that is the deciding factor in the prosecutor’s decision to charge a suspect with a felony or a misdemeanor.


Jeff King works swiftly and diligently to protect his clients’ basic freedoms, while minimizing future impact of a theft or property crime arrest.

Fighting Property Crime Charges in Texas

All possible defense strategies are explored, from false identification to unlawful search and seizure. During his 15 years as a leading criminal defense attorney in Texas, Jeff King has successfully defended clients in complex property crime cases, getting felony offenses reduced to lesser charges, and reaching deals to avoid trial and criminal prosecution.


Keep in mind that early investigations of property crimes are very important, as prosecutors frequently employ aggressive tactics to elicit incriminating information from suspects. If you are facing theft or other property crime charges, Jeff King can outline your legal options in terms you can understand, empowering you to take control of your case. Whether you’re being investigated for embezzlement, theft or armed robbery, put your trust in criminal defense attorney Jeff King.


For a private consultation, call the offices of Jeff King today.


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