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With over 1,000 successful trial verdicts and more than 14 years of experience in both civilian and military courts, Jeff King is uniquely qualified to represent your criminal defense. You’re not just a number to him. King works diligently on each case, using his in-depth knowledge of state, federal and overseas law to fight for your victory. So much is at stake for people who are arrested or accused of crimes in the state of Texas, where we have the third-largest prison system in the world, next to China and Russia. Don’t leave your conviction to chance. Contact the Law Office of Jeff King for the fair, tough defense you deserve.

Jeff King specializes in criminal defense in Texas

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff King is a Texas native and a graduate of the South Texas College of Law in 2002. He served for more than 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he earned the rank of Major and won numerous medals, ribbons, and awards. During his time in the military, King successfully prosecuted and defended courts-martial cases, developing a reputation as a tough and knowledgeable lawyer.


Since leaving active duty, Jeff King has focused his efforts on providing quality defense for some of the most difficult cases in Dallas, Fort Worth, Richardson, Frisco, Irving, Grand Prairie, Tyler, and Denton. Past clients have described him as “hard-working,” “prepared,” “personable,” “confident,” and “passionate” in his pursuit of vindication. The National Trial Lawyers review board has named him among the “Top 40 Under 40.”

Dallas criminal defense attorney practice areas

  • Computer Crimes – Misconduct on the internet includes anything from downloading pornography, soliciting minors, and internet stalking, to cyberbullying, hacking activities, and online fraud.
  • Drug Crimes – Some of the most commonly prosecuted crimes involve illegal drug use, possession, distribution, manufacturing, prescription drug fraud, and conspiracy to commit these crimes.
  • DWI/DUI – Arrests for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol carry stiff punishments of hefty fines and jail time, not to mention social stigmas, higher insurance premiums, and a criminal record.
  • Federal Crimes – Crimes prosecuted by the ATF, DEC, FBI or other federal organizations may include fraud, drug charges, public corruption, computer crimes, securities fraud, gun charges, tampering with records, and more.
  • Fraud Offenses – White collar crimes include tax fraud, money laundering, identity theft, healthcare fraud, making false claims, disability fraud, and allegations of false military housing allowance claims.
  • Military Criminal Defense – Jeff King has experience with Article 15 punishment, Article 32 investigations, court-martials, the Administrative Discharge Board, the Board of Inquiry, and agencies like NCIS, CID and OSI.
  • Property Crimes – Property crimes may involve armed robbery, burglary, theft, identity theft, bank robbery, grand theft auto, embezzlement, shoplifting, or stolen checks.
  • Sex Crimes – Crimes of a sexual nature can range from public lewdness, internet sex crimes, and possession of child pornography, to attempted rape, sexual assault, and Sex Offender Registration violations.
  • Money Laundering – Laundering money is considered a white collar crime that carries massive legal, professional and personal implications for those who are convicted. Money laundering is nearly always charged as a federal offense and can result in harsh penalties and up to 20 years behind bars.
  • State Crimes – Most crimes that come to mind – arson, burglary, murder, rape, and robbery – fall under the jurisdiction of state law. Our state has some of the toughest laws for violent criminals and drug offenders.

For Texas criminal defense, experience matters!

To excel as a criminal defense lawyer takes fairness of mind, a tough character, a deep knowledge of legal statutes, and admittance to all state, federal, military, and appeals courts. When you’re looking for someone to represent your case, take special care to choose a specialist in criminal defense litigation – someone who is devoted to fighting for the rights and freedoms of those who are charged with a crime in the state of Texas.

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