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Moving on With Your Life After a Fraud Conviction

July 13, 2017 By Jeff King

Perhaps even more damaging than the sentence itself is the oppressive stigma and limited job opportunities that follow from a fraud conviction. These are known as collateral consequences and they are especially severe in cases of “moral turpitude”, which commonly includes any sort of crime of dishonesty.


Consequences of a TX fraud conviction


Fraud charges in Texas vary in level of punishment under the criminal code. For example, stealing or receiving a stolen check is a misdemeanor but forging a check is a state jail felony. Some of the consequences result because of the fraud element, which involves dishonesty, while others apply more generally to any felony.


Conviction of a fraud or felony can lead to:


  • Denial of a professional license
  • Inability to register to vote or serve on jury duty
  • Loss of federal student loans or grants
  • Suspension of drivers license or passport privileges

Build a new track record after a fraud conviction


Minimizing the collateral consequences of a fraud conviction is not an overnight endeavor, but it is possible with some knowledgeable action.


  1. Fight the charge. If you have not yet been convicted, it may be possible for a skilled TX fraud defense lawyer to fight the charges. Even after conviction, there may be grounds to appeal and still avoid the effects of the conviction.
  2. Speak with a Texas criminal defense lawyer to determine whether you qualify for an expungements. The expungement laws are tedious and precise but the payoff for those who qualify is big; an expungement does away with a conviction and most of the records related to it, so that a person whose record was expunged may check “no” on applications asking whether they have ever been charged or convicted of a crime.
  3. Be realistic about your career prospects. Someone who has a conviction for credit card fraud cannot realistically work in retail or banking because it would be a liability for the employer. Instead, these employees need to look for positions in other settings, where there is no regular handling of other people’s financial information.
  4. Build a new track record. Reach out to family and friends who may own businesses or rental property to get your foot in the door with a new career or housing arrangement. Maintain a record of good behavior. Stay up to date on any court costs, fines, or other restitution.

Consult a fraud defense lawyer in Dallas


When you are facing a fraud charge, you need a skilled and dedicated TX defense attorney fighting for your rights. Jeffery King has a proven track record grounded on commitment to putting the needs of the client first. To arrange a free consultation, call us today.

Additional Fraud Conviction Resources:


  1. Texas Legislature, Penal Code CHAPTER 32. FRAUD
  2. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Guidelines for License Applicants with Criminal Convictions,
  3. Texas Occupations Code, Title 2. General Provisions Relating to Licensing Chapter 53 Consequence of Criminal Conviction,
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