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How To Fight False Accusations of Sex Crimes

August 9, 2017 By Jeff King

False allegations of sex crimes can have a tragic and debilitating effect on the personal and professional lives of the unjustly accused. When it comes to sex crimes, defendants often find that they are guilty until proven innocent, sometimes even in the eyes of close friends and family. Dallas, TX sex crimes defense lawyer Jeff King vigorously fights false accusations, understanding how serious the implications of false charges or a wrongful conviction can be.


Reasons for false accusations


There is no single reason for false accusations of sex crimes. In some situations, like when the accuser underwent a harrowing experience, the trauma may lead to a case of mistaken identity. In other cases, a seemingly consensual act may lead to claims after-the-fact that it was less than consensual. In other very serious cases, the accusations are completely malicious and intentional or based on some goal such as depriving a father of custody of his children.


Media reports on the incidence of false accusations range anywhere from 2% to 40%. When you are the target of a false accusation, however, the statistics do not matter; justice does.


No matter which case your situation most resembles, it is crucial to investigate and fight the claims, because the consequences of a conviction are serious. Jeff King never counsels clients to accept a plea just to settle a case. Unlike many lawyers, he is willing to fight false claims all the way through trial.


How to fight false sex crime accusations


There are times when it makes sense to settle for convenience, but when you are facing a false sex crime accusation, it is time to fight full force. Here are some things to expect:


  • An investigation is necessary. Expect to hire a private investigator to go over the evidence in the case and retrace the steps of law enforcement. Also expect to re-interview witnesses and look for additional leads that can uncover the truth.
  • Industry experience is a must. You will likely need to enlist experts to rebut the claims against you. The claims may require the opinion and testimony of a medical professional or an expert in investigation procedures. Not just any experts will do; given the sensitive nature of the subject, you will need experts who are respected in the field.
  • Trust an experienced lawyer. Anything you say truly can and will be used against you, even if you did not commit the crime. It is important to have counsel looking out for your legal rights and you should never answer questions without your lawyer present.

Fight false allegations of sex crimes in Texas


When you need to go the distance to fight a charge, put your trust in a lawyer who is passionate about getting to the truth. Dallas sex crimes lawyer Jeff King is committed to fighting for a just result. Call today to arrange a free confidential consultation to discuss your legal options.

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