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If the Internal Revenue Service suspects that you have engaged in tax evasion or tax fraud, you could be facing criminal charges. A tax fraud conviction can result in property seizure, steep fines and incarceration in a federal prison. Even those who are later found to be innocent can suffer the incredibly damaging professional and financial consequences of being investigated for alleged tax crimes.


If you were charged with tax fraud or are currently under investigation for failing to file tax returns, proper legal representation is indispensable in helping you avoid potentially life-shattering penalties. Do not delay in contacting an experienced tax fraud attorney. The Dallas-based Law Office of Jeff King provides aggressive criminal defense to individuals who have been charged with tax fraud, or are mired in the beginning stages of tax controversy. Attorney Jeff King has 15 years of experience achieving favorable resolutions for clients charged with fraud offenses and white collar crimes in Texas.

What is tax fraud?

Tax fraud occurs when a business entity or an individual intentionally or willfully attempts to evade tax laws or defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Failing to submit returns, underreporting income or cheating on a tax return can all constitute tax fraud in the eyes of the IRS. Many criminal tax cases begin with individuals who cooperate fully in a preliminary civil tax audit, but without the skillful guidance of a tax fraud attorney. Historically, the IRS has claimed convictions in more than 80 percent of criminal tax fraud cases, which is why it’s imperative to seek legal counsel before an audit or investigation begins.


Examples of tax fraud include:

  • Claiming false exemptions or deductions on tax returns
  • Intentionally failing to file multiple tax returns
  • Falsifying the number of dependents
  • Submitting false or doctored documents to the IRS
  • Falsely claiming zero wages
  • Willfully failing to pay taxes owed to the IRS
  • Intentionally underreporting income earned
  • Claiming personal expenses as business expenses
  • Preparing and filing a false return


IRS auditors have extensive training and know how to differentiate between an honest mistake and tax fraud. If an auditor finds that you have cheated the government in some intentional manner, they could refer your tax case to the IRS’s criminal investigation (CI) unit.


If you know for a fact or even partially suspect that your accountant or tax preparer falsely claimed deductions, substantially understated earnings, or even exaggerated deductions, it’s wise to speak with a lawyer before the IRS comes knocking at your door.

Dallas criminal tax attorney ready to defend you

As a veteran tax fraud defense attorney, Jeff King is well-versed in the audit process, and can advise you on measures to protect your rights and minimize suspicion. Leveraging a thorough knowledge of complex tax laws, Jeff King can develop strong legal defenses in your case, deal with prosecutors, and advocate on your behalf at trial, if necessary.


When assessing the possibility of tax evasion or illegal activity, IRS agents look for “Badges” of fraud – patterns of behavior such as:

  • Concealment of bank accounts and other property
  • Keeping a second set of record-keeping books
  • Excessive dealings in cash
  • Submitting false receipts
  • Loans of trust funds veiled as deductions/purchases
  • Considerable yet unexplained increases in net worth over a short time span
  • Bank deposits from unknown sources that exceed reported income
  • Transferring or hiding income with relatives
  • Destroying records prematurely


Allegations of tax evasion and fraud are serious and a conviction comes with grim repercussions. If you are behind on your tax returns, made some careless mistakes, or are already facing criminal tax liability, your very future depends on hiring the right defense lawyer.

Penalties for tax fraud

The U.S. government can impose harsh punishments for tax fraud:

  • Tax evasion: Taxpayers who are found guilty of a felony may be punished with incarceration for up to 5 years, up to $250,000 in fines for individuals or $500,000 for corporations, or both, plus the cost of prosecution
  • Tax fraud/submitting false statements: Taxpayers who are found guilty of this felony crime are subject to imprisonment for up to 3 years, up to $250,000 in fines for individuals or $500,000 for corporations, or both penalties plus prosecution costs.
  • Willful failure to file a return, or pay taxes as required by law: If found guilty, this is a misdemeanor crime, punishable with up to a 1-year jail term, a fine of up to $100,000 for individuals or $200,000 for businesses, or both penalties plus prosecution costs.

Criminal tax fraud defense in Dallas

Criminal penalties may be sidestepped altogether by retaining a qualified tax fraud lawyer at the early stages of an investigation or audit. Jeff King is distinguished for his comprehensive approach to white collar criminal defense in Texas, and has ample trial experience in state and district courts. To schedule a free, confidential consultation about a tax fraud case in the greater Dallas metro area, please contact the Law Office of Jeffery King.

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