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For more than 15 years, Jeff King has successfully provided aggressive representation to those accused of white collar crimes in Texas. White collar crime encompasses a wide range of frauds committed for the sole purpose of financial gain. A fraud conviction in Texas can devastate your career, your relationships, and can land you in prison. When facing allegations of healthcare fraud, embezzlement or other fraud charges, your liberty and livelihood are at stake.


As a veteran white collar crime lawyer, Jeff King does everything in his power to preserve and protect his client’s constitutional rights. And as a former prosecutor, Jeff King understands the significance of proactive case management and has secured favorable results in a variety of financial fraud cases.

Texas white collar crime lawyer

White collar offenses are punishable with heavy fines, community service, probation, restitution and incarceration. Federal prosecutors can also seek monetary damages from corporations that commit white collar crimes such as investment fraud on an institution-wide scale. The government has the authority and the resources to go after individuals or businesses which are suspected of fraudulent activity. The FBI’s task force works closely with the Securities Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to prosecute culprits to the full extent of the law.


Depending on the specific fraud charges, suspects may be in violation of both state and federal statutes, and can be prosecuted for both. Given the climate of invasive government regulation and aggressive prosecution for non-violent white collar crime, it’s in your best interest to retain a qualified fraud defense attorney who can fight charges and minimize the negative impacts on your life. Attorney Jeff King is renowned for his personalized service and outstanding white collar criminal defense work in state and federal courts.

Fraud charges

The term “white collar crime” encompasses numerous offenses, deceits or frauds designed to gain monetary benefit. The law firm of Jeff King is one of the most established criminal defense practices in Dallas, Texas, offering sophisticated legal advocacy for those charged with state and federal white collar crimes.


Jeff King can help if you are being investigated or charged for white collar offenses, including:


In some instances, individuals, public officers or commercial companies may be unaware that they are being investigated for white collar crimes until charges are levied. Even a single fraud conviction can have life-shattering repercussions that impact professional licensure and certifications as well as future employment opportunities. As your white collar crime attorney, Jeff King collaborates with industry experts to strengthen your case and will strive to have charges reduced or dropped completely whenever possible.

Building a sound legal defense

There are multi-faceted laws regarding white collar offenses, and the only way to minimize damage to your life and your freedom is to partner with a skilled fraud lawyer who knows his way around Texas and U.S. district courts. Jeff King understands the crippling anxiety and stress brought on by a criminal investigation. He knows how to work with state and federal prosecutors to help you achieve the best possible outcome given your individual circumstances. When facing the prospect of imprisonment and a permanent criminal record, don’t delay in seeking legal counsel.


From the moment he takes on your case, Jeff King takes calculated actions to develop a solid legal defense. Potential white collar defenses may include insufficient evidence, illegal searches or seizure of property, lack of intent, breach of constitutional rights, or mistaken identity.


If you under investigation for any state or federal fraud offense in Texas, Jeff King will work diligently to help you avoid criminal charges. For individuals who have already been charged with a white collar crime, Jeff King will:


  • Work meticulously to decrease the number of courtroom appearances so you don’t miss work
  • Thoroughly investigate and analyze all facets of your case
  • Work with specialists and industry experts to review all evidence
  • Explain possible outcomes and liabilities
  • Negotiate with state and federal prosecutors on your behalf
  • Develop and prepare your defense, filing all necessary motions
  • Attempt to diminish any negative impacts on your life


As founder of one of the most trusted criminal defense law firms in Dallas, Jeff King is proud to offer exceptional legal counsel to individuals throughout the state of Texas.

White collar criminal defense in Dallas

Whether you are facing charges for securities fraud, money laundering or tax evasion, you need a qualified defense attorney in your corner. Jeffery King has the expertise, resources and prowess to develop a convincing defense in even the most complex white collar matters. To arrange a complimentary consultation, we invite you to call today.


Additional White Collar Crime Defense Resources:

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  2. Cornell University Law School White-Collar Crime: An Overview
  3. Texas Legislature, Penal Code CHAPTER 32. FRAUD
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