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The penalties for drinking and driving have become more severe, particularly for repeat offenders, who often face mandatory jail time. In many states, plea bargaining is restricted or banned in drunk-driving cases. Fines have increased and driver’s license suspensions have lengthened. It is also harder to obtain a “hardship” license that allows a person only to drive to and from work. In this climate an experienced drunk-driving defense attorney is essential.


DWI & DUI Punishment


DWI and DUI charges can result in suspension of your driver’s license, revocation of your driver’s license, fines, and even time spent in jail. Driving while intoxicated is a serious charge that affects many otherwise law-abiding citizens. Jeff King defends clients who recognize the importance of having a strong, experienced, and ethical DWI lawyer on their side. His practice does not focus on shuffling through countless DWI cases as quickly as possible. With attorney Jeff King, you get the attention and professionalism you deserve.


In addition, the damage to your reputation and your future that may stem from a DWI conviction may be irreparable. Some of Jeff’s clients are younger people who are facing a lifetime of serious consequences. On more than one occasion, parents have contacted Jeff to help protect their children from permanent harm based on a bad choice on one evening.


How long do I have to file for an administrative license revocation hearing?


Remember, you only have 15 days after the initial arrest to file for an administrative license revocation hearing. If you do not file, a default decision is likely to be entered, and you will lose your driving privileges.


Breath-Test or Breathalyzer in a Drunk Driving Case


In every state in the U.S., a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher is presumed to be legally intoxicated for drunk-driving purposes. Each state has also enacted an implied-consent law. Implied-consent laws provide that every licensed driver within the state is considered to have given his or her consent to chemical testing to determine his or her BAC whenever a law enforcement officer has reasonable suspicion of intoxication. In most states, refusal to submit to such a test results in license suspension or revocation.


The Impact of a Drunk-Driving Conviction

What are the consequences to driving drunk?

An alcohol-related car accident and subsequent drunk-driving conviction can bring many negative consequences into your life, possibly including:

  • Jail or prison time
  • A criminal record
  • Car repair or replacement
  • Restitution – compensation for damage
  • Guilt and grief over harm to others
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • A civil lawsuit
  • Fines, court and administrative fees
  • Community service
  • Alcohol education and/or substance-abuse treatment
  • Social stigma
  • Restrictions on or revocation of your driver’s license
  • Attorneys fees
  • Restrictive probation and others

If you are arrested for or charged with drunk driving, a lawyer can advise you about your legal rights and help you fight the charges.


If you have been charged with a DWI offense, contact Jeff King today. The earlier you have an experienced attorney on your side, the more options you will have.

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