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July 28, 2017 By Jeff King

  • #istandwithahmed: Social Media is Telling Irving ISD What Time It Is
    Ahmed Mohamed’s Monday On Monday morning 14 year-old Ahmed Mohamed, a freshman at MacArthur High School, left his home in Irving, Texas with a homemade digital alarm clock in his bag that he had fashioned from a pencil box and spare parts.  He wanted to show his teacher what he had built.  I could not help but compare him to Data from The Goonies, only smarter (if you don’t know this reference, then you were not a kid in the 1980’s and you’re missing out on some valuable life lessons)   Instead of praising Ahmed for his ingenuity and embracing his creativity and ...
  • Pulled Over by a Police Officer? What Are Your Rights?
    What Are Your Rights During a Traffic Stop?   No one can say for certain what was going through Sandra Bland’s mind as she was being pulled over last week for what a Texas police officer later said was her failure to signal a lane change.  Even more puzzling was her tragic death in a jail cell three days later.  But the video now gone viral has a lot of people asking:  what exactly are my rights when I get pulled over?   We’ve all felt that pit in our stomachs when we see those red and blue lights in our rear view mirror. ...
  • Why You Should Care About the Fate of 170 Bikers Arrested in Waco
    source: nbcnews On Sunday May 17, 2015, a violent biker gang brawl broke out at the popular “breastaurant” Twin Peaks in Waco, Texas.  When the dust settled, 9 were dead, 18 seriously injured, and 170 or so were taken into custody.  Justice of the Peace, W.H. “Pete” Peterson, set the bail amount for every biker taken into custody at $1million.  In so doing, Judge Peterson justified his decision in stating, “I think it is important to send a message.  We had nine people killed in our community.  These people just came in, and most of them were from out of town.” ...
  • The Lautenberg Amendment & the Effect on Military Service
    The Lautenberg Amendment is a modification to the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968. It went into effect in 1996 and makes it a felony for anyone found guilty of a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition. There is no exception and zero tolerance for military personnel or military issued weapons. The Lautenberg Amendment also makes it a felony for anyone to sell or issue a firearm or ammunition to a person with such a guilty sentence. This includes commanders and NCOs who furnish weapons or ammunition to service members knowing, or having reason to believe, ...

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