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July 28, 2017 By Jeff King

  • Criminal Act & Criminal Mind
    Two Parts to Every Crime For those who follow the news closely, and particularly when it comes to politics, the last few days have been turbulent to say the least. The headlines have been filled with stories about the final decision by the FBI on not to indict a former Secretary of State over mishandling classified materials. Understandably, this result produced vehement reaction on both sides of the aisle about the justice or lack thereof of what was announced. Regardless of how you feel about these developments, the story itself is a good lesson in criminal law and how law enforcement ...
  • Public Corruption & Related Laws
    Corruption Charges Face Big Changes This has been a big year for public corruption and related laws. Two governors of large states saw charges against them reversed, and the laws used to indict them severely curtailed. This trend began with the former Texas Governor who was charged with coercion and abuse of power under Texas law. The case against Texas’s longest serving governor started with the DWI charge and conviction of a Travis County prosecutor. She was charged with and plead guilty to DWI, but only after a video of her in handcuffs and jail went viral on the internet. As the ...
  • UCMJ Article 134
    UCMJ Article 134 – The Most Punitive of the Punitive Articles?   src: US Army – Those who serve or have served in the military know full well that there is separate system of justice that applies to them. Every service member from the lowest ranking joe to the highest flying general can tell you about their or others’ run in with some commander and the UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice. In most cases run ins with the UCMJ occur under Article 15 of the UCMJ, the proverbial Commanding Officer’s Nonjudicial Punishment. This article grants commanding officers, typically via the suggestions of ...
  • Major DWI Decision
    Know Your Rights: Major DWI Opinion Issued By Supreme Court Significant changes are afoot in the most frequently contested area of criminal law:  DWI/DUI. To Blow or Not To Blow, That Is One of the Questions   My wife and I are fond of our front porch.  Occasionally after putting our daughter to bed, we’ll settle into our plastic outdoor chairs, turn on some Prime Country on XM radio (if I win the coin flip), and open a bottle of wine.  Then, in the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, “neighbors flock like the Salmon of Capistrano.”  We’re very lucky to have awesome neighbors and ...
  • Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP) – Does It Go on My Record?
    Will NJP Show Up On A Background Check?   NJP can show up on a background check, despite your lawyer telling you it wouldn’t. Lately my office has received an uptick in calls from current and former military personnel who are outraged that their NJP/Mast/Art 15 or other form of administrative punishment popped up on a background check. Usually the call begins something like, “my lawyer assured me that it was not a conviction, how did this happen?!” Well, your lawyer was right and wrong. An NJP is not a conviction but it can absolutely follow you around, even after you’ve been discharged ...

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