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July 28, 2017 By Jeff King

  • Why the Difference Between Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud Matters in Texas
    Over the past century, communication methods have evolved rapidly. Mail fraud and wire fraud statutes reflect this evolution. A charge or conviction of either of these in Texas should be taken seriously because they can lead to severe punishments under state and federal laws. Dallas fraud defense attorney Jeff King represents individuals facing mail fraud and wire fraud charges and understands how important it is to fight these charges vigorously.   Mail fraud v. wire fraud   Mail fraud, unsurprisingly, requires use of the U.S. postal service to commit fraud. Wire fraud, on the other hand, involves wire-based communications including telephone, fax, television, text ...
  • Texas Drug Possession Laws: FAQ
    Among all U.S. states, Texas has some of the strictest laws and penalties for the possession, trafficking or distribution of controlled narcotics. Most drug violations fall under the umbrella of the Health and Safety Code, the Texas Penal Code and the Controlled Substances Act, which impose harsh punishments ranging from fines, driver’s license suspension, probation and jail time. While 2017 saw some major attempts to reform Texas marijuana policies including HB 81 that would reduce punishments for low-level pot possession, as of June it is still illegal to grow, possess or sell marijuana in the state.   There are some key factors ...
  • Is Sexting a Crime in Texas?
    The media is full of reports on the high numbers of teens who admit to sending sexually explicit images by text message and it paints the action as commonplace – and therefore without penalty. But teen sexting is punishable under Texas law and a conviction can follow someone for years to come. Texas sex crimes defense lawyer Jeff King understands the long-term negative consequences a sexting conviction can have on your life, including future employment opportunities. With so much at stake, you need an attorney on your side who fights to win.   How do states address sexting?   A 2014 study by Drexel ...
  • What Constitutes a “White Collar Crime” in Texas?
    “White collar crimes” were originally so called because they were the types of crimes a business professional would commit on the job: nonviolent and financially-motivated. The umbrella term of white collar crime has grown over the years to include other financial crimes that may not necessarily arise in the workplace but are still non-violent and motivated by financial gain.   Even though these offenses do not cause physical harm, Texas state and federal authorities punish them harshly. As a seasoned white collar crime defense lawyer and former prosecutor, Jeff King understands the impact of a conviction for these types of offenses and ...
  • Accused of Cyberstalking in Texas? Learn Your Rights
    Cyberstalking – just like real-life stalking – is a serious crime in Texas, resulting in charges, fines and possible jail time. Under the Texas penal code, a person who is convicted of Internet stalking may face charges ranging from a Class B misdemeanor to a 3rd degree felony in aggravated cases involving threats of physical violence.   While cyberstalking legislation in Texas and around the nation is designed to protect victims, it’s important to remember there are two sides to every story, and unsubstantiated claims of online harassment are increasingly commonplace.   In some cases, such allegations are rooted in tumultuous break-ups, divorces and long-standing ...

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